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Different Kinds of Car Safety Tools

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According to statistics, there are around twelve million cases of car accidents every year. Accidents usually happen due to human error and bad weather conditions. Good driving skills are not an assurance that you will not be involved in one. Since you never know if it would happen to you, it is best that you carry car safety tools all the time.

Car safety tools are instruments or devices that may assist you escape in bad situations. Aside from accidents, some drivers find themselves in uncomfortable situations such as getting a flat tire while driving on a deserted location or the car breaks down in a traffic area. Car safety tools will help you cope in such incidents.

One type of car safety tools that you must have are escape tools. Under this category, seatbelt cutters would be the most popular. Seatbelt cutters contain razor blades and are designed to cut seatbelts in case there was a seatbelt malfunction. Another type of escape tool would be glass hammers. They are usually used by the police to break panes of tempered automotive glass.

Car alarms should also be part of your vehicle security system. This is a valuable car safety tool  that could save your life. A vehicle security system comes with a standard alarm. Some companies manufacture models that call a central emergency processing center in case the vehicle is involved in an accident or if the driver presses the distress signal. If there was a holdup, you can call attention to yourself with the panic button.

Car emergency kits can come in handy too. These are usually sold in kits of first aid dressings, neon cones for warning other drivers, jumper cables, tow ropes, tire inflation machine, blankets and flashlights. Since help could take could take hours to arrive, these can help you resolve minor problems such as drained battery and minor injuries due to collision.

When it comes to Smart car safety, the latest and newest technology was used. The design itself is like a cube. This makes for better stability when cornering because of the length to width ratio.

Cornering is not the only concern people have with small cars, there is also the collision test. This is where the Tridion steel safety shell comes into play. This is like a steel cage encapsulating the passengers. There are small crumple zones in the front to absorb the energy from an impact.

This car was awarded 4 out of 5 stars from the Euro NCAP for Adult Occupant Protection, 2 out of 4 stars for pedestrian protection but since there is no back seat it was not tested for child protection.

In America this car received a 4-star safety rating for the driver on front impact testing and 5 stars on side impact testing. It also received a GOOD rating from the insurance institute on both front and side impact testing.

This car does come standard with airbags for both the driver and passenger, along with side head airbags on both sides.

This is a small car and can never be expected to be as safe as the larger models on the road. By being just 1500 lbs, this can with its egg type protection will be moved easier when hit by a large vehicle, which in itself will help protect the occupants.

The Smart car safety record itself makes this a safe vehicle historically to drive. As more and more small cars appear on the road, this cars safety record will do nothing but improve.

Car Safety: Protecting Precious Lives

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Car safety is a critical component in the design of any new car nowadays, and no manufacturer will have a license to build and sell cars, if they don't comply with all the car safety aspects. With the increase in technology and the resultant conveniences in our lives, the aspect of safety too has come to the fore. This is especially true in the case of automobiles.

Car safety takes on several forms in this technological era. While the person driving the car is still responsible for adhering to driving safety regulations, increasingly, small computers and micro processors are taking on the role of the car safety keepers. All cars nowadays come with a certain degree of automation, and when it concerns car safety, these aspects are mandatory.

Gone are the days when the safety of the car depended on the individual driving  it. That was probably restricted to them old vintage cars, when moving along was the critical component. But with the ever increasing number of cars on our roads and the heightened speed limits at which they drive along, car safety is no longer an option. It has become a critical aspect of the car manufacturing process itself. Not only that, it has become compulsory by law as well!

The auto pilot function for instance is one such example. By enabling the car to drive itself on open stretches, it ensures that drivers don't feel the need to take their eyes off the road. Rather, they enable the driver to rest, thereby making for an enhanced driving experience, by taking on some of the monotonous aspects of driving on themselves.

Seat belts and crash balloons have almost become a permanent fixture inside all cars, even in lesser developed countries. Most countries nowadays have specific regulations pertaining to the useof car safety features like the seat belt and the crash balloon. In fact, some countries often issue hefty fines to drivers and passengers who drive without latching themselves in.

But car safety is often more than cosmetic. Manufacturers of cars nowadays have to test the car in a variety of possible scenarios in order to ensure that factors like crash zone, damage control and the like are minimized. This has resulted not only in a better build structure of cars, but has also ensured that the entire driving experience is made better, made safer and made absolutely secure.

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